fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) Test

If You Have Symptoms of Preterm Labor

A fetal fibronectin test can help your doctor accurately assess the symptoms you may be experiencing during your pregnancy. A negative test result can give you great peace of mind — you can be 99.2% assured that you will not deliver in the next 14 days.1 A positive test result does not guarantee that you will deliver early; however, there is an increased risk for preterm delivery. A positive test result can tell you and your doctor that you may need special attention and care, such as bed rest or medication. It is also possible to repeat the test as often as every two weeks to monitor your ongoing risk.

What are the symptoms of preterm labor?

Symptoms of preterm labor may include contractions, cramps, bleeding, vaginal discharge, back pain, pelvic pressure (which feels like the baby is pushing downward), or you just don't feel quite right. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor or nurse-midwife immediately.


  • 1. Peaceman AM, Andrews WW, Thorp JM, et al. Fetal fibronectin as a predictor of preterm birth in patients with symptoms: A multicenter trial. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1997;177:13-18.

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