fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) Test

If You Have Significant Risk Factors

Testing for fetal fibronectin is a way to help you and your doctor know what to expect. You may be at risk if you have one of the following risk factors:

Symptoms of preterm labor

Symptoms of preterm labor include contractions every 10 minutes or more often, change in vaginal discharge, pelvic pressure, backache, menstrual-like cramps, or abdominal cramps with or without diarrhea.1

A prior preterm birth

If you've already delivered a baby early (before 37 weeks), or if you've experienced preterm labor in a prior pregnancy, you have an increased risk of delivering early again.

Cervical abnormalities

If you have cervical abnormalities as a result of surgery or as detected by your doctor during ultrasound, you may be at increased risk of delivering your baby early.

Twins or triplets

If you are carrying twins or triplets, the added weight and pressure of multiple babies can lead to an early delivery.


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