fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) Test

Preterm Birth

A full term pregnancy lasts 38 to 42 weeks; anything before 37 weeks is considered preterm. Understanding why a full term birth is important for your baby — and knowing the risks for and symptoms of preterm labor — can make a big difference.


If your baby is born too early, he or she may have health problems that can extend for years into the future. In the U.S., 1 in 8 babies is born preterm1, and this number is on the rise.

It's important to know what symptoms of preterm birth to look out for, so you can discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor or nurse-midwife.

Knowing whether you may be at risk for preterm birth can help you and your doctor or nurse-midwife better manage your pregnancy.

This interactive quiz can help you learn some key facts about premature birth, including risks and symptoms. Some answers may surprise you!

If you have questions about preterm birth and what it could mean for you and your baby, these answers may be of help and reassurance.


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