Fetal Fibronectin Specimen Collection

Fetal Fibronectin Specimen Collection1

Always collect the fetal fibronectin specimen before performing any other vaginal exam. Use of lubricating gels will interfere with the test results. 

Fetal fibronectin specimen collection kits are the only acceptable kits for specimen collection.

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Specimen Collection Procedure

Step 1 Collect specimen prior to digital examination or manipulation of the cervix to avoid sample contamination.

Step 2 During speculum exam, lightly rotate swab across posterior fornix of the vagina for 10 seconds to absorb cervicovaginal secretions.

Step 3 Remove swab and immerse tip in buffer. Break the shaft at the score even with the top of the tube.

Step 4 Insert the swab shaft into the hole inside the tube cap and push down tightly over the shaft, sealing the tube with a click. Ensure the shaft is inserted securely to avoid leakage. Label, and send fetal fibronectin sample to a lab near you.

For Accurate Patient Results

For accurate patient results, please ensure that you follow these specimen collection instructions.

  • The specimen should be collected prior to a digital cervical exam, collection of culture specimens, or vaginal probe ultrasound exams. 
  • Do not contaminate the swab or specimen with lubricants, soaps, disinfectants, or creams.
  • Do not collect specimen if patient has had sexual intercourse within 24 hours prior to sampling*; moderate or gross vaginal bleeding; advanced cervical dilation (3 cm or greater); rupture of membranes; gestational age before 22 weeks or after 35 weeks; or suspected or known placental abruption or placenta previa.
  • *If the test result is negative, it is a valid result.

For a complete description of the Specimen Collection Procedure and related Precautions and Warnings and Contraindications relating to patient eligibility, please refer to the Specimen Collection Kit Insert and the Rapid fFN Cassette Directional Insert.


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